In our session or sessions it is like meeting a long lost friend, the real complete you and our time together provides an opportunity for us to work on a one to one basis for you to become aware of the current key elements of true self needing toor being be expressed.

Our onsultation begins with me carrying out a psychically based energy reading and then this naturally leads us into a detailed discussion as to what these key factors mean at this point in your life. What changes need to be made and how to make them in alignment with your expression of your true self.

What is psychic energy reading with Steven?
Well energy readings are not to be confused with other common forms of energy work which you might be familiar with such as clairvoyance (reading the future) or spiritualism (mediumistic contact with those who have died).

Our psyhic energy reading can either be in person or by telephone or Skype.

During the course of our session after the intial energy reading as we work together you will be able to bring specific questions into focus from a broader perspective.

For some people I have worked with one session has consolidated all that they were aware of in outline. For other people a number of further sessions with me can be scheduled to enable you, with my support and insights, to continue the necessary changes or, if changes have already been made, to support you in a sustained connection with the insights from your true self which we have focused on during our initial session.


Yesterday, I had an 'energetic' reading with Steven. He passed on such a wealth of information it was quite unlike anything I've ever known. As Steven talked it was incredible, I thought - Yes! That's it! It was like watching pieces of my life slot together. I can only explain the session as mind blowing. Steven's talent is awesome, I have never experienced anything quite like it.

He has such a rare gift, he explained things to me in a way that I could fully understand and what is happening energetically in my life and why I feel the way I do right now.

Carolyn C


…. No secret approaches or obscure ideas just a caring person, deep and intense in his beliefs with this unique charismatic warmth and unconditional understanding. His life experience in learning, sharing but overall caring in an unpretentious way just makes you feel both understood and that you are not fighting alone."
Mr. J.J.


Dear Steven,
     Just want to say thanks again for a wonderful workshop. At the end of the day I really felt I had something to take away with me. Tools that I can use on a daily basis. In particular, I often find making decisions difficult which can take me right up the to the deadline to finally decide on this or that. Having taken part your workshop I now have a structure which should release me from this agonising process where 'intuition' and 'rational thinking' go into battle. The exercises were amazing.
     I have been to other workshops but I have never felt such an incredible 'connection' to that part of myself which made me feel whole.
I shall use the tools from this workshop to help me in all aspects of my life, not just the big things but for everyday living.
     The workshop was so professionally done, from the delivery, to the music, graphics - the whole day was a complete success. I want to wish you every success Steve, the sky is the limit for you. You are like a lightening conductor, acting as the conduit for power and light to be transferred to many!



I admire your warmth, professionalism and I like the way you use your whole body to express yourself". . .     "I think you're an excellent facilitator - I admire your professional skills. You are actually enabling people towards positive help. ...Your openness - your willingness to share yourself with the group and not to stand above us.
A Groups comments



Once we have made contact and schedule the date and time of our session then you will have a short energy balancing exercise to complete before we begin so that you are completely focused and equally completely receptive to the all important key elements which I will reflect back to you during my psychic energy reading.

In the remainder of our session we will discuss, in detail, what each of the core elements being reflected back mean and how they can be translated into your day to day life.


As a simple overview

Here is a selection of what others have to say about their experience of an individual session or being a part of a group meeting where energy readings have been present:




Steven is based in Central London, UK where one-to-one meetings can be arranged. In addition it is quite easy to work by Skype and by phone as well as many people have done in the past as it is not essential for us to be in the same room to carry out a psychic energy reading.

To make an initial inquiry by email then please contact with the title 'psychic energetic reading' in the title and Steven will email you back with detailed information on how we will progress to make an appointment.


Email :

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7193 2994 and leave a message with your contact details.

My Fee is £60 per one hour session; for one and a half hours £75

Payments can be made via PayPal - in cash or by direct bank transfer. I will provide a receipt.

If your employer is paying for your sessions then I will send an invoice directly to them before the session.

Cancelling Appointments

- In agreeing an appointment we enter into a contract

If you have to cancel an appointment please provide 24 hours, or longer notice. If less than 24 hours is given I will need to charge the full fee in liey of insufficient notice.

If I have to cancel I will give 24 hours or longer notice.

To cancel please either email or phone.

Before and After the Session

Life is very hectic and most of us lead busy lives, and it may be that you are attending your psychic energy reading amidst demanding family and work-life commitments. However you require time to think and reflect on what is emerging for you


Some of the things that you can do to help to nurture this process is:

- Do your best following the session not to immediately rush home or back to work. Instead, spend a few minutes gently/ briefly walking around or just sit in the car. This time is one where you can allow yourself to savour your thoughts and feelings as they emerge (during and) following each session. This is not self-indulgent, but more of a time in which you give due credit to yourself for undertaking this work while supporting your natural healing process that is waiting to emerge.

- Give yourself the gift of understanding your life and its challenges whilst allowing unmet and unrealised potential to become known.

- On a daily basis keep a journal, making a note of how you feel/think/imagine before and after your individual sessions with me, as well as how you feel between sessions.

- You might also like to keep a doodle or drawing/painting/college notebook as well.

- Dreams are wonderful gifts and can prove to be immensely helpful, so keep a note of your dreams. If you do keep a dream journal it would be very helpful to have a separate copy that I can refer to and keep as well.

- From time to time I will suggest certain books, stories that you might find helpful to read and even pieces of music to listen to.

Contact between sessions

You are welcome to contact me, by phone or email between your appointments if something becomes pressing for you related to your work with me. I am usually available for a brief 5 to 10 minute conversation at the beginning or end of the working day.


Each and every session confidential and no information will be shared with others, Sometimes it becomes appropriate to share information with other therapists or doctor, but this is only done at the clients request or in agreement with the client.

I have created a number of both articles and related recordings explaining the fundamental basis of the connections which are made during an energy reading session and you can read and listen to these in the articles and recordings section of this website.

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