Created in 2005 by author, therapist, psychic and energy worker, Steven Warren and his collagues, and still drawing people from all around the world this website is a resource for people and groups who are seeking not j ust the how but the why of their lives. The signature for the next life transition and all that may unfold in such awareness.

This section of the website puts forward a number of resources for you to explore. Some elements will affirm what you are already aware of, others will present new ideas of angles from which to approach exploration enabling you to prepare for either necessary changes or simply to consciously embrace what it is that you know.

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Steven has been providing psychic energy readings with individuals since 1980 and you can read and understand how such a reading will enable you at this point in your life transition as well as be encouraged by Steven how to sustain your own ability to carry on with reading your energetic or intuitive self.

Steven and his collegues share an ever growing selection of articles on subjects relating to Life Transitions; The Power of Caring and working with our own inner knowing to discover questions - exploration and answers.

We create an ever growing number of events each year from workshops, seminars to talks and discussion groups. Before attending these events it is important that you have carried out extensive exploration at a number of levels. You can read more about this form of life transitional work on this page of the website as well read about location, dates and of course booking.

With the advent of online discussion groups here on the internet since we began back in 2005 there are also regular 'Meet Up's' which you can join from the comfort of your home.

There are a wide and ever growing selection of recordings by contributors to community connected via this website and related websites and in this section you can listen to selection of recordings all for free.

Over the last forty years Steven has a collection of key works as well as having created an online resource to share with you key topic definitions from A right the way through to Z and you can explore here on line on this section of the website.

As we work on key areas of life transitions one of the key shifts which occur is often how different we feel and relate and so the need to find and connect with like minded people becomes crucial to our current and future well being. The need for a community of like minded people to 'Link Up With Others of the Same Mind' with is the aim of this section of the website.

We are looking forward to hearing from you to join and share and explore.


For some people a form of crisis will have created the need to ask' Is This It 'and for others such a statement will have come simply from a time to reflect on what they have achieved to this point in their life.

Steven Warren ( Author writer and speaker on personal transformation and philosophy of awareness from a background in clinical psychology; analytical psychotherapy and counselling.

This site content is designed to provide you with simple, down to earth understanding of the variety of approaches which you can readily explore to understand where you are now at this stage in you life and where we want to go with your future True Self expression.

created this site to bring the work of people who are presenting their thoughts and experience of working in the area of what Steven terms In addition his recently released philosophy Dynamic Cognition as The DC Effect in Your Life means that more and more people are wanting to share their own experiences of life and living it from a new perspective.


There is no teaching, many words of wisdom perhaps on this site but we recognise how we are all born into this life not to learn but to express who we really are and what we really know.




















































































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