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According to the ancient sages, who understood the workings of the universal life force, we are all born with a certain amount of energy that flows through us. When this energy is flowing smoothly all is well but when it is not every aspect of your life can become out of balance. Understanding and working with this energy is through to be a big step towards creating happy, fulfilled and healthy lives.

Many alternative healers, some of who are called energy healers, work with this energy. Some see it [a form of clairvoyance], others feel it [clairsentience]. The field of energy is referred to as an aura - a vibrating field of energy that pulses around and through the body at all times.

Virbational healers work with the auric field and focus on repairing, balancing, changing and clearing the energy field on many levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Whether they are healing or energy balancing involves the laying on of hands, healing touch or faith healing they all involve the idea that the healer and patient are somehow connected on a higher vibrational plane, possibly psychic, that opens an inflow of healing energy to the patient.

This is a powerful element or aspect of what I achieve with individuals though allowing the connection to all aspects of self - both in this plane and other planes - so that the flow of expression, achievement can come forth.

Technique that uses mental images and affirmations to produce positive change within a person. It is thought that the ability to make pictures in the mind can lead to an improved self-image, a greater sense of purpose, better health and can help a person obtain other personal goals.

Visualisation has formed a part of religious practices for centuries but it only became popular in the West when Shakti Gawain published 'Creative Visualisation' in 1977. Gewains belief that people can use their imagination to help them achieve life goals soon spread beyond esoteric circles into mainstream culture.

Solid research has shown that visualisation works. The scientists aren't sure why but those who study the effect of the mind on health have found visualisation to be particularly beneficial in fighting certain diseases. A particular form of visualisation called guided imagery is increasingly being used in psychotherapy and medicine, especially for treating people suffering from stress, anxiety and/or life threatening illnesses.




The technique of visualisation is simple. First, find a quiet place where you can relax and concentrate. Then construct a detailed mental picture of whatever situation you want to change and/or improve. Then imagine the desired outcome. Think of this outcome as if it were already happening. You may also choose to repeat a positive phrase or affirmation that you will attain your goal. The technique should be repeated for days, weeks, months or years until the goal is achieved.

One simple visualisation for general wellbeing and stress reduction is to first quite yourself and, after taking some deep breathes, to visualise yourself inhaling golden or white light/energy, and exhaling grey, stale, old energy. The white or golden light represents new, fresh, rejuvenating energy, when the grey energy represents any stress, unhappiness, worries, anger or other negative emotions you may be holding inside of you. This visualisation is a great way to release the stress and tension of the day and give yourself more energy.

If you have a specific ailment you are trying to relieve yourself of, visualise the same white or golden energy surrounding the area of your body that is in need of healing. Focus on that white or golden light/energy healing and energizing that area of your body. Try to repeat this procedure daily or multiple times daily if you feel compelled to do so. As always, do what feels right for you.


















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